MOEVA, being different from others, has introduced the idea of couture wear in to swimwear. Each MOEVA design is a result of extensive research and effective production process. As each product is carefully constructed, the details are impeccable.

The strength of the brand is equally proved by the bold use of gold-plated accessories, causing no health hazard due to series of trials in order to prevent any damage. Geometrically supported, the designs are both symmetrically and asymmetrically constructed in order to provide comfort and optimal appearance once worn. MOEVA aims to ensure outstanding quality as well as ensuring the clients well being with providing long-lasting, good quality and comfortable products.

Even though remaining loyal to the season trends through vast researches, the main inspiration for MOEVA has been the idea of a woman, who is both strong and elegant. Who is never afraid to face any obstacle that may come her way.

The brand is spreading rapidly all around the world in well-known department stores and luxury hotels and the name is spreading through collaborations with well-known and respected artists ruling the fashion industry as well as worldly known celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Nicole Scherzinger, Catherine Webb, Rita Ora, Lindsay Lohan and bloggers like Chiara Ferragni, Kristina Bazan, Natasha Oakley, Kenza Zouiten.

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